The honey, the flight and the dream.

More than just building residential and commercial projects, we help thousands of people to build life projects with social and environmental responsibility and an especial and rigorous commitment to reach customer’s full satisfaction. However, our history is not restricted only to our achievements. Behind everything we do, there are professionals working and giving their best, there are the dreams of those who created the company and transformed in reality what in the past was only projects. There are the partners, the suppliers and the customers who believe and trust on our products and services. After all, if it was possible to do this amazing job so far, is because our work has been recognized, the consumer preferred our product and our brand conquered space in the streets and in people’s hearts. We know that a real state property is more than just a product; it is a home, a workplace, the urban sprawl, a greatest good that makes the entire city.

Our name is Colméia, in English BEEHIVE, we are a group, we not only harbor the honey, which is the product of life, but we also help people to raise their flights and to fulfill their dreams.


Fortaleza, Brazil is where everything started in 1980, and is where is located our headquarters today. However, the flight of the Beehive has the size of Brazil and arrived successfully to three more cities: Natal in the state of “Rio Grande do Norte”, Manaus in the state of “Amazonas”, and Campinas, in the state of “Sao Paulo”.

The history of Colméia in numbers is very surprising: there are already 140 delivered projects including residential, corporate and industrial real state enterprises.

Residential: 119 projects, 12,502 units 1,938,258.67 m² built.

Corporate: 23 projects, 2,249 units between shops and commercial offices, 193,719.97 m² built.

Industrial: unidocas Club, Textile Company, fishing school and institutional center


Design, build and commercialize buildings with Comfort and profitability for our customers.


To be a national reference in the real estate business under the economic, technical and quality aspects.

Quality Policy

Design, build and commercialize Buildings with quality and profitability for our customers and shareholders, seeking the growth of employees and continuous improvement.

In every prize won,

the confirmation of our respect and commitment to the customer.

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Our excellence made us one of the most respected companies in the country, we are recognized by the competence and the quality of the projects that become valued assets of references, both for customers and investors.

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