Be a supplier

It is necessary that your company fill out the form and send us the portfolio in the “BE A SUPPLIER” on our website. The Purchasing Sector will make an analysis of the material received and if they find it interesting, they will get in touch.


If the matter is financial (delays, anticipations, corrections, banking billet, additives) should seek DICRE.

I want to be a collaborator

Send your resume to the email rh@colmeia.com.br. When there is a vacancy where you are within the requested profile, we will contact you. After six (6) months the database will be updated, and if you still interested to work with us, you’ll need to resubmit your resume.

Real Estate Projects

The balance of your FGTS( It’s a Worker guarantee fund) account can be used for buying a property. There are three possibilities to use: one can help you achieve your dream.

Purchase and construction

For those looking to buy or build a residential property, the balance of FGTS can be used as part of the payment or as a full payment method.

Amortization or settlement of the outstanding balance

For those who want to use their FGTS to fully repay its debt or pay a portion of the outstanding balance.

A payment of part of the installments

You can use the FGTS to reduce by 80% the value of installments in up to 12 consecutive months.

ID, SSN, Proof of residence, marriage certificate (if married) and same documentation up for the spouse.

Schedule with the Commercial Sector.

Check your owner’s manual, because the warranty period varies according to the item.

The Monetary adjustment Plan (PAM in Portuguese) is the system used by the bank to fix your monthly outstanding balance to the remaining installments to pay off your financing. For these updates, the bank uses the same base rate used to fix the resources held in savings. This index is called the Reference Rate (TR in Portuguese) and is published every month by the Central Bank and calculated based on the average monthly remuneration of deposits or investments in financial institutions. Thus, each month, the bank checks which is the new TR published by the Central Bank, then the bank calculates what is the impact of this index in your outstanding balance and inform you what will be your installment.

With the final settlement of the unit (discharge certificate issued by DICRE) or with the registration process of the Bank financing contract notarized.

In the purchase agreement, a clause states the customization process. At the appropriate time, the Personalization team will contact witch a call for amendment, stating the deadlines. If the owner has an interest in changing your unit, he should contact the Sector, via e-mail (sirla@colmeia.com.br) or call 85-3288-6614, scheduling a meeting by appointment.

Sell your land

Contact our commercial area.